JBK5 horizontal machinery control transformer JBK5-1600VA-W 220/380V 1600VA/JBK5-2500VA-W 220/380V 2500VA

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JBK5 series horizontal machinery control transformer is produced by high permeability material, silicon sheets, bottom plate and silicon sheets are welded in a group by arc, frame is simple, bottom plate increases the reliability to the GND by using anti-corrosion alloy material, crimp terminal using group structure, increases the electrical clearance & creepage distance and cable intensives, protection class IP20, to prevent the risk of occasional access to the circuit, the transformer are used for 50-60Hz AC, primary voltage is no more than 500V, secondary rated voltage is no more than 400V, can be as the general electric control power in mechanical equipment in industry, the power of work lighting and signal lights.

Technical Indicators:
Installation method: sub-plate mount
Flame resistance: UL94-V0
Insulation class: B
Operating temperature: -30°C ~ +40°C
Work frequency: 50Hz ~ 60Hz
Dielectric strength: 3.5KV 50Hz 1min

Technical Parameters:

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