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Introduction to Rogowski coil

The Rogowski coil also called a differential current sensor, is an “empty core” toroidal

coil arranged around a conductor, so that the alternating magnetic field generated by the

current induces a voltage in the coil. The coil is actually a current transformer coupled

to the conductor under test, and the voltage output directly from the coil is proportional

to the rate of change of the current.

For example:@50Hz/1kA Vout=85mV, @60Hz/1kA Vout=85*60/50=102mV.

If you want to obtain the current waveform or frequency independent current value, you

need to add an integral circuit to achieve 90° phase shift compensation and frequency


RF series is a current sensor based on the principle of Rogowski coil. Its light weight and

low price are available in different sizes, can also be ordered according to the customer’s

design requirements. No magnetic saturation and with a shielding layer, it resists the inf-

-luence of external magnetic fields, so stable measurements can be achieved from low

currents to hundreds of kA. Provides accurate measurements in smart meters, industrial

motor control and power monitoring applications.

Systems using an ADC chip (ADS131M04) that supports the Rogowski coil principle

or a power metering chip (ADE7753) are more advantageous.

We offer integrators such as 4-20mA, 0-5V, 0-1A, 333mV for more use cases.

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