AC Measurement

Measure small or large AC current with high accuracy using split-core CT, solid-core CT or Rogowski coil solutions

For over 15 years, we have developed a large portfolio of AC measurement devices, including current transformers, hall sensors, and Rogowski coils. The reliability, ease of use, and great value of YHDC AC measurement products make them ideal solutions for various applications and industries. 


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Split-core CTs

Versatile current measurement solution that is suitable for both new and retrofit applications. Rated input current ranges from 10A up to 5kA. Various window sizes and shapes are available, which allows YHDC split-core CTs to be used in many scenarios.

Rogowski Coils

Are similar to CTs in the sense that the loop can be opened and closed easily. Rogowski coils have unique advantages including:

    • Ability to measure currents up to 500kA

    • Responds to fast-changing currents down to 1 μs

    • Low construction cost

Rogowski coils output a voltage signal that is proportional to primary current in magnitude but also 90° out of phase. Therefore, an integrator must be used in conjunction if phase is of concern.

High Accuracy CTs

Are small-sized, solid-core CTs that offer high accuracy, low phase-shift, and wide frequency range. These are espcially suitable to be mounted on PCBs while other mounting methods are also possible. Both through-hole type and built-in primary conductor type are available in the YHDC high accuracy CT selection. 

AC Transducers

Measure AC up to 5kA and output standard signals. 2-wire types output 4 – 20mA, and 3-wire types have 0 – 20mA, 4 – 20mA, 0 – 5V,  1 – 5V, and 0 – 10V output options.