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Measure DC and DC+AC currents with a wide range of YHDC current transducers

PowerUC specializes in DC measurement solutions that employ Hall-effect current sensing technology, which is known for its cost-effectiveness and reliability. These characteristics render PowerUC’s transducers highly suitable for a broad spectrum of applications. To accommodate varying requirements, the company offers an array of transducers in both split-core and solid-core designs, each available in multiple sizes and shapes. This versatility ensures that PowerUC’s products can meet the specific needs of different projects, ranging from industrial to commercial applications, with practicality and precision.


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DCCT for Busbars

DCCTs with rectangular shaped window, ideal for mounting on busbars within a switchboard, distribution board, substation, or other electrical apparatus. These DCCTs enable easy installation without the need for direct electrical contact with the busbar. This feature ensures safety and minimal disruption to the system.

Closed-Loop DCCT

Closed-Loop DCCTs incorporate a feedback loop that adjusts the magnetic field to nullify the effect of the primary current. This mechanism significantly enhances measurement accuracy, reduces the sensor’s sensitivity to external magnetic fields, and improves linearity and bandwidth. Closed-loop Hall effect sensors are widely used in applications requiring precise current control and monitoring, such as in power supplies, battery management systems, and electronic load equipment. Their ability to deliver accurate measurements even in harsh electrical environments makes them a reliable choice for critical applications.

Built-In Conductor DCCT

DCCTs with built-in primary conductors are compact — It integrates the conductor directly within the device’s structure. They are particularly well-suited for use on PCBs.

Standard Output Signal DCCT

DCCTs that output standardized signals that are easily integrated into industrial monitoring systems, control circuits, and data acquisition hardware. Available outputs include 0 – 20mA, 4 – 20mA, 0 – 5V, 1 – 5V, and 0 – 10V, which are widely recognized standards in automation and control industries.