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Detect DC,AC and puls e current , high insulation between prima -ry side and the vice side circuit.

Change the connection mode of primary bus-bar can be converted into three measuring range.

Product Details

Technical index
Core TypeSolid-Core
Input TypeAC, DC
Output TypeInstantaneous
Rated Input Current (RMS)15A
Rated Output1.65±0.625V, 2.5±0.625V
Power Supply Voltage3.3V, 5V
Connection TypePins
Mounting TypePCB


  • HTS15- 1.65V±0.625V +3.3V(With Out Vref)
  • HTS15- 1.65V±0.625V +3.3V(With Vref)
  • HTS15-2.5V±0.625V +5V(With Out Vref)
  • HTS15-2.5V±0.625V +5V(With Vref)

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