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Single crystal copper enameled wire

  • High quality core – h18/0.35 (annealing)
  • PBT engineering plastics, environmental protection, flame retardant, 120 degree of deformation
  • Vacuum sealing, high temperature of 100 ℃ / 6 hours aging, life 20 years, high electric strength
  • Reasonable structure, easy installation, low noise, strong earthquake resistance, airtight and waterproof

Technical Index:

  • Technical Index:Plate installation
  • Flame resistance :UL94-V0
  • Insulation class:B
  • Operation temperature:-30℃~+70℃
  • Work frequency:50Hz~60Hz
  • Dielectric strength:Formal test: primary/secondary20KVmax AC/1min 20mA

Factory test: primary/secondary test20KVmax AC/1s 20mA

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