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Hanging installation, crimping terminal output.
Typical technical index:
•Material of core——Ferrite
•Working voltage——Phase voltage≤720V
•Working temperature——-25℃~+60℃
•Storage temperature——-30℃~+90℃
•Frequency range——50Hz~1KHz
•Dielectric strength——Input(bare conductor)/output AC 800V/1min 5mA 50Hz
Output/Outer shell AC 3.5KV/1min 5mA 50Hz

Product Details

Technical index
Rated Input10A, 30A, 50A, 80A, 100A, 120A
Rated Output10mA, 20mA, 25mA, 33mA, 40mA, 50mA, 60mA, 0.1A, 0.333V
Core TypeSplit-Core
Frequency Range50Hz - 1KHz
Connection TypeScrew Terminal
MountingFree Hanging(In-Line)
Operating Temperature Range-25°C - +60°C
Dielectric StrengthAC 3.5KV/1min 50Hz (housing to output)


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